Body assembly update

I feel like I’ve been slacking, both in my blog updates and my actual work on the Jeep. For the work slowing down, my excuse is that it has been 90+ degrees just about every day lately and working outside sucks. For the updates, I’ll try to catch up now.

Parts – I think I have everything I need to complete the tub assembly, as far as sheetmetal at least. I have a fresh quart of epoxy primer and some 2k primer left over from a previous project. I’ll need to order more seam sealer and some Raptor liner for the floor and underside, but I’ll wait until later to order that. I also picked up a nice original hood for $20 at a swap meet.

Fiberglass tub – Sold through Facebook Marketplace. And I got to meet a pretty cool guy who worked for the company that built the tub at the time it was built. Kinda neat.

Steel tub assembly – Going well, except for the heat slowing me down of course. The floor supports that needed replaced have been, the exterior panels are mocked up, and the passenger side panel is now welded in place.

Firewall sitting on the frame.
Mocking up the body panels.
Rear was originally a solid panel. Now being converted to a tailgate.

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  1. just found this thread. Thats an amazing job. my tub is just about this far gone but I would never have imagined that you could take it down that far. im rethinking that for sure. I’ll be following right along

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