Some progress over Winter

I didn’t think I had accomplished much over the winter. But looking back, slow progress over a few months can still add up to a decent amount getting done. I guess the moral of the story is to get out there and work on whatever your project is when you can. Slow work beats no work, as no work leads to abandoned projects. Even if you’re not making huge progress you are at least moving towards the goal.

Now that the weather is warming up, it should be back to steady progress.

The interior is all seam sealed and in primer. I still have some work to do on the firewall, but otherwise the floors are pretty much done until I get ready to do final prep for paint. I’m thinking tinted Raptor liner for the inside and bottom of the tub.

The underside is about 75% seam sealed and in it’s first coat of epoxy primer. Last year when I was working on the floor Key Parts had patch panels in 4 pieces. Now they offer a full left side or right side, which they call 1/2 floor pans. I might have considered them if they had been available available last year, but they are more expensive than buying the smaller panels and splicing them together. Key Parts also now has the floor supports that I got from Classic Enterprises.

I also cut out the rust hole in the passenger side inner rear frame, re-welded the shackle hanger nuts inside the rail, and welded in a patch. A little more grinding is needed to make the weld line disappear, but this looks better than my first repair attempt with a patch welded overtop of the rust hole. I found this post here by keith460 that shows the correct measurements to make patches for this area.

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